Trauma and Healing: History

Psychological and physical traumas were clearly understood as an issue in normal functioning of any person. The first time, it was analyzed by psychologists after the army persons were back from the First World War. There were problems of traumatic nightmares, insomnia and flashbacks to these people as they were exposed to highest level of stress during the war. Psychological trauma was mainly related to depressive troubles, sexual abuse and the emotional stresses. There is a term called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and the emotional trauma can be due to after effects of any traumatic condition occurred in life. The studies of trauma affects have not been very old and psychiatrists have analyzed these facts from last three decades.

Freud and Hysteria

PTSD symptoms were primarily distinguished by Freud and he called it as hysteria. The main zest behind his search was the abuse on children and women. However, his findings were unclear and didn’t leave any conclusion due to which, the findings were re-examined and there were different calculations and analysis made to get the conclusion.

Trauma and War

When the soldiers were getting back from war front, medical doctors begin analyzing some problem in their behavior. There were different points of views for the same. Some of the doctors blamed soldiers for showing their incapability for recovering and affecting their body for the appropriate functions. However, blaming is never helpful in such cases. Trauma cases were more prevalent after Second World War and helped in facilitation of further work for knowing the problems and detecting the right means to solve it. The American Psychiatric Association diagnosed the manual in the year 1980 and made regular revisions for better recovery options after war.

Trauma and Healing: History

Trauma appearances

Trauma can occur from the impact of various negative situations on life, which are not easily understood. There are many forms taken by trauma, which include mental or emotional instability, physical disorders, insomnia, lower self-esteem, under or over confidence, psycho complaints, aggression, memory loss, disassociation, helpless feeling and many such issues. Traumas can begin at any stage and not necessarily in adulthood. There are many cases of child trauma reported in which the children suffering from sexual or mental abuse in childhood get affected. Traumas can make anyone stuck and there is vulnerability to get many negative impacts on the life.

Therapeutic approach for Trauma

There are therapies available in all forms of traumatic conditions. It is mandatory for a client to feel attached to a therapist to get the desired results. There is mind healing required and it involved many approaches, based on the severity and form of trauma. The experience of every person is different and a psychiatrist knows the most appropriate ways to tackle any problem.

The treatment for healing traumas is long term and requires willingness of the suffering person to improve their life. There is no quick treatment for the same and you need to get proper help to support the people having troubled life in any way. There should be flexibility and patience followed by the mind therapist to get compassionate steps for improvement.