Trauma and Stress

Trauma and stress are interlinked and the impact of trauma on body or mind produces stress. Trauma can be defined as an unexpected and sudden even disturbing peace of mind and body for any period of time. This disturbance is termed as Stress, which is a bad situation and stays for a short or long period of time. The body gets used to tensions and the person getting these problems feels that they are relaxed.

PTSD is an abbreviation for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and it is a medical condition developed due to stress occurring through a traumatic event in life. This syndrome has different symptoms, including mind disturbances, mood swings, flashbacks, irritation, and increased sensitivity, avoidance of any image or person, lower self-esteem and many more negative things in mind or body. These problems generally occur in people facing road accident, sexual or physical abuse, torture, childhood worries or natural disaster. The bad event turns into their mind and they get stressed up from the inside, which causes trauma.

Human body and mind have the experiences stored in the subconscious mind and it makes them stressful in different aspects. The temperament of a person matters the most in determining the stress level and problems involved in their lives. There are powerful impacts of some things in life, such as bullying, rejection, punishment, neglect, and humiliation. Repetition of such events has the worst impact on any person. There are traumatic conditions arising for some people, which become unavoidable. Traumatic stress also arises when there are fewer opportunities for a person to give their emotional expression.

Chemicals and hormones in body govern the psychological activities and bad stresses are experienced when cortisol hormone gets in excess in the body. The interconnection of mind and body has awareness of consciously dealing with mental anxiety and related conditions. Relaxation of mind helps in releasing all types of stresses. There are many ways to do so and your search for the best suitable method for your body and mind will determine the right ways to get rid of stressful conditions in life.

Awhile back I experienced a lot of stress when I had my gastric sleeve surgery done.