Recovering from Trauma

Emotional trauma is as harsh as physical trauma. Physical trauma results in emotional trauma and it can affect a person in all the harsh ways. There are many ill effects of any kind of trauma and the major thing lies in recovery from any kind of trauma situation. If a person aspires to live a healthy life, they should be free from stresses and any kind of trauma situations.

Safety is the major aspect to recover from any kind of trauma. It is rightly said that ‘Prevention is better than cure’. The people facing trauma should be given social and physical security and behave in non-judgmental way. Most of the people who can be emotional therapists are psychiatrists or the closest associates of the sufferer. It is important to integrate the elements for self understanding and using valid approach to handle trauma in the best way.

Recovering from Trauma

It is challenging for the suffering person to search for the right counselor or therapist, who can really help the traumatic person to feel fine. The expression of anger is also important and coping up with such issues is immensely important for the perfect well being of a person. The therapists need to know the healthier ways to bring any person on the right track. A good therapist is self aware, creative, presentable, emphatic and confident in the abilities of clients. It is important for a person to be comfortable with the attitude of the chosen person to deal with their insecurities. Family and counselor need to work coherently to get the best type of healing for the suffering person.

There are many personal techniques used to heal the person suffering from any sort of trauma. There should be no repetition of any stresses in the activities to cure a person to promote steadiness and ignore any further stresses. I was experiencing Trauma when I was overweight. I went and had Gastric Sleeve weight loss surgery done. The Gastric Sleeve Surgery helped me out a lot.

How to help teens to get rid of childhood trauma?

Childhood trauma is the major problem faced by many kids and teenagers. Most of the cases are not treated well and it results in wrong direction for the life of adolescents. There are many things to be considered by parents to help their children in leading healthy lives. Teenagers who have experienced physical, sexual or verbal abuse in their lives usually get traumatic after repetitive occurrence of such things or activities. Teens having experience of childhood trauma can have behavioral problems in school or home. It is important for teens to get assistance from their parents regarding different views and systems. They require time from their parents and inability might lead to bad consequences.

Parents can’t recognize the difficulty of their teenagers at home or school, till they are fully involved in the activity of their children and know the traumatic events occurring in the life of their children. Adolescent trauma can’t be easily recognized in teens and the fears in the minds of teenagers are hidden because they don’t feel great in sharing their issues with others. The situations of trauma caused due to abuse can leave intensified feelings in the minds of children with guilt and shameful feeling.

How to help teens to get rid of childhood trauma?

Parents can help their teenagers to deal with trauma in their life in the following ways:

  • Proper routine in life

Teens require safety in their mind and reduction of fear or anxiety. It is important to give proper time to your children and set up a busy routine in their life.

  • Avoid harsh punishment

Mood swings are always seen in teen lives. Punishments are necessary to feel anything wrong done by your child, but too much aggressiveness or harshness can cause issues in their mind. Your attitude towards any mistake of your child is important in determining their nature.

  • Understand well and be patient

You need to be patient in reacting to anything done by your child. Listen to them and react appropriately.

  • Prepare your child

Your child should be prepared for unforeseen events and handling them appropriately.

Trauma and Stress

Trauma and stress are interlinked and the impact of trauma on body or mind produces stress. Trauma can be defined as an unexpected and sudden even disturbing peace of mind and body for any period of time. This disturbance is termed as Stress, which is a bad situation and stays for a short or long period of time. The body gets used to tensions and the person getting these problems feels that they are relaxed.

PTSD is an abbreviation for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and it is a medical condition developed due to stress occurring through a traumatic event in life. This syndrome has different symptoms, including mind disturbances, mood swings, flashbacks, irritation, and increased sensitivity, avoidance of any image or person, lower self-esteem and many more negative things in mind or body. These problems generally occur in people facing road accident, sexual or physical abuse, torture, childhood worries or natural disaster. The bad event turns into their mind and they get stressed up from the inside, which causes trauma.

Human body and mind have the experiences stored in the subconscious mind and it makes them stressful in different aspects. The temperament of a person matters the most in determining the stress level and problems involved in their lives. There are powerful impacts of some things in life, such as bullying, rejection, punishment, neglect, and humiliation. Repetition of such events has the worst impact on any person. There are traumatic conditions arising for some people, which become unavoidable. Traumatic stress also arises when there are fewer opportunities for a person to give their emotional expression.

Chemicals and hormones in body govern the psychological activities and bad stresses are experienced when cortisol hormone gets in excess in the body. The interconnection of mind and body has awareness of consciously dealing with mental anxiety and related conditions. Relaxation of mind helps in releasing all types of stresses. There are many ways to do so and your search for the best suitable method for your body and mind will determine the right ways to get rid of stressful conditions in life.

Awhile back I experienced a lot of stress when I had my gastric sleeve surgery done.

Trauma and its general cure

The searches reveal that there are many interesting things for parents to note about their children. The children who have attained reading habits and skills at early stage in their lives prove out to be more resilient. The ones who play music and have the capability to sing well are also in the same category. The kids involved in sports and turning these activities to move ahead efficiently also develop positivity in their life. It is always suggested that there should be special reading programs in school conducted for encouraging the children to involve more of them in this habit. It will ultimately prove out to be a great thing for your children for the long run.

Similarly, sports and team activities are actually useful in making people away from traumatic situations. There are some people who believe that sports makes a person get development of ego, but it doesn’t hold true in all the cases. The focus of coach and the atmosphere in which you child plays is most important. There is resiliency feeling in every sport and it can contribute towards general well being of a person.

Trauma and its general cure

Resilient individuals usually possess these virtues:

  • Positive relationships
  • Flexible attitude
  • Task-Oriented style
  • Positive emotions and ability to regulate negative ones
  • Keeping safety and fitness
  • Leading a meaningful life

It is important to remain physically fit to mark a positive mental health. A person requires important things to take care of their body and health:

  • Taking care of your body and mind
  • Exercise your body regularly
  • Eat balanced diet with good nutritious value
  • Uninterrupted sleep of 7-9 hours in a day
  • Avoiding drugs, alcohol and tobacco
  • Keeping away from aggressive behaviors or the things causing such harsh attitudes

Productive ways to cope up with emotional or physical stresses

Trauma and Healing: History

Psychological and physical traumas were clearly understood as an issue in normal functioning of any person. The first time, it was analyzed by psychologists after the army persons were back from the First World War. There were problems of traumatic nightmares, insomnia and flashbacks to these people as they were exposed to highest level of stress during the war. Psychological trauma was mainly related to depressive troubles, sexual abuse and the emotional stresses. There is a term called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and the emotional trauma can be due to after effects of any traumatic condition occurred in life. The studies of trauma affects have not been very old and psychiatrists have analyzed these facts from last three decades.

Freud and Hysteria

PTSD symptoms were primarily distinguished by Freud and he called it as hysteria. The main zest behind his search was the abuse on children and women. However, his findings were unclear and didn’t leave any conclusion due to which, the findings were re-examined and there were different calculations and analysis made to get the conclusion.

Trauma and War

When the soldiers were getting back from war front, medical doctors begin analyzing some problem in their behavior. There were different points of views for the same. Some of the doctors blamed soldiers for showing their incapability for recovering and affecting their body for the appropriate functions. However, blaming is never helpful in such cases. Trauma cases were more prevalent after Second World War and helped in facilitation of further work for knowing the problems and detecting the right means to solve it. The American Psychiatric Association diagnosed the manual in the year 1980 and made regular revisions for better recovery options after war.

Trauma and Healing: History

Trauma appearances

Trauma can occur from the impact of various negative situations on life, which are not easily understood. There are many forms taken by trauma, which include mental or emotional instability, physical disorders, insomnia, lower self-esteem, under or over confidence, psycho complaints, aggression, memory loss, disassociation, helpless feeling and many such issues. Traumas can begin at any stage and not necessarily in adulthood. There are many cases of child trauma reported in which the children suffering from sexual or mental abuse in childhood get affected. Traumas can make anyone stuck and there is vulnerability to get many negative impacts on the life.

Therapeutic approach for Trauma

There are therapies available in all forms of traumatic conditions. It is mandatory for a client to feel attached to a therapist to get the desired results. There is mind healing required and it involved many approaches, based on the severity and form of trauma. The experience of every person is different and a psychiatrist knows the most appropriate ways to tackle any problem.

The treatment for healing traumas is long term and requires willingness of the suffering person to improve their life. There is no quick treatment for the same and you need to get proper help to support the people having troubled life in any way. There should be flexibility and patience followed by the mind therapist to get compassionate steps for improvement.